Our Basic training courses are designed for the new shooter.  Here we cater to the new enthusiasts knowledge and understanding.

Our Dynamic training is NOT designed for novice shooters. Dynamic courses are NOT basic weapons fundamentals classes. Attending students are expected to, and must be able to demonstrate proficiency with weapon safety and marksmanship. Failure to do so will restrict course participation. Prior completion of a basic, or intermediate training course(s) is highly recommended. Attendees will receive a high flow rate of information and instructions. Attendees are expected to receive and acknowledge the information and act on it accordingly. Attendees are responsible for each and every round they fire. We will provide tips for improvement as necessary upon the completion of all drills.


Mission Statement

“RSC, LLC. is dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare law enforcement officers, armed security professionals, and responsible citizens to survive and win deadly force confrontations.  It is our goal to keep training costs low and instructor/student ratio small (1/4), providing an affordable experience with quality personal attention." 

Jim Lang
Lead Trainer


First Sergeant (retired) US Army Ranger with twenty years of service with the 2nd & 3rd Ranger Battalions, 6th Ranger Training Battalion, I Corps Long Range Surveillance Company, and HQs USSOCOM. Upon retirement, he performed seven years’ service as a high threat personal security specialist with U.S. Government agencies operating in several high threat areas in Afghanistan & Iraq. He spent five years of service as a CONUS based Armed Security Emergency Response Team Trainer/Leader and most recently works as a firearms instructor with the Federal Government.

With a career spanning over 3 decades, he has had the honor to be exposed to an amazing buffet of equipment, industry gunfighters, and methodologies. In partnership with Shadow Hawk Defense training facility and Silver Eagle Group, he continues to offer his diverse set of firearms skills. All training is tailored to Military, LE, Security Services, and Civilian defense enthusiasts to ensure a value-added result. His goal of performance improvement through subject understanding is not only his passion, but a way of life. 

Civilian Certifications

NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor (Patrol Rifle, Handgun, & Shotgun), Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor (Armed, Unarmed, PPS & all Firearms), State of Maryland Handgun Instructor, New Mexico Security Guard Instructor (General & Firearms), Dept. of Defense Firearms Instructor


"Jimbo has the natural ability to take a shooter, new or very experienced, and have them superiorly more confident in their performance in any of the three weapons by the end of the day. He demonstrates the high level of performance that he expects from his students. While in any of his courses a student will see (not hear) the many years of experience and training that he has amassed, along with the commitment to what he is imparting."  

--Contribution by Armando G., 21 year LEO/16 year SWAT member from New Mexico 

"Thanks Jimbo! This was an amazing experience and I had a blast. I'll be telling everyone I know about the awesome training and I know I'll definitely be back soon."

--Contribution by Scott A. (Dynamic Carbine Course)

"I have just completed the Rifle/Pistol Mechanical Operation Seminar sponsored by Carolina Sporting Arms Charlotte NC. James Lang provided a very comprehensive course. An excellent instructor that was able to explain many fundamentals of firearm operation. As a veteran and having thirty six years of law enforcement experience this training was the best that I have ever received. His instruction was easily understood and explained so that I could improve my firearm capability. Thanks Jim."

--Contribution by Bill J. (Rifle & Pistol Mechanical Operation Seminar)

"I want to tell every lady out there with a significant other that has bugged them to get more comfortable with their handgun, this class if for you! 
Day one; I walked in with anxiety about my handgun, I have a Glock 42 and it can be a bit tricky. I couldn’t drop the magazine, I struggled to lock it open and adding bullets to a magazine killed my fingers. Jim was so good with guiding us ladies through the steps of using our guns, how to open, operate and clean them that worked for us LADIES! Step by step with humor, demonstrations, dummy rounds and fake guns until we wanted to work our own guns. His positive and supportive attitude and deep knowledge of all types of weapon systems make the class really enjoyable. I walked out uber confident in how to handle my Glock. 
Day Two; I walked into the range comfortable with holding my Glock, but had anxiety about shooting with it, reloading it and shooting again. Not to mention the anxiety about figuring out the best way to aim, shoot and hit my intended target and this was not the first time I had been to a range, shooting my gun. Jim and Andy had us in a private booth and individually broke down everything we were doing, from how we stood to shoot, how we drew our weapon to how we were using our guns, over and over again until we knew so much we were fixing issues with our grip and stance on our own. And our timing, speed and accuracy improved! I am blown away with how far I came in two days and how much more comfortable I am with hand guns in general. Even if you have been shooting for a long time, this class refines how you hold your weapon and teaches you how to solve the problems you have with quickly and accurately hitting your target. Thank you for putting this course on! Everyone should take this class!

--Contribution by Tori S. (2 Day Basic Pistol & Mechanical Operations course)